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Are you looking to migrate from Trello to Microsoft Planner? In this post, we will show you how to extract Trello Board, Lists and Tasks to a JSON and import it into Microsoft Planner.

In this post let’s talk about how to bring your tasks from Trello to Microsoft planner so we will be breaking down into how you’re going to extract your existing tasks from Trello then you’re gonna actually need to use a third-party tool which will help us to import them into Microsoft planner.

See this is an ETL (Extract, transform, load) process when you actually migrate from one system to the other alright so in the below video will show you how you’re going to actually export your tasks from Trello and then import it to planner using a third-party tool.

We going to use a third-party tool which will help you to migrate Trello to Planner

You will be able to migrate following Board details from Trello to Microsoft Planner plans
  • Lists
  • Cards
  • Archived Cards
  • Board Members

You will be able to migrate following Card details from Trello to Microsoft Planner tasks

  • Card Name
  • Due Date
  • Assigned Members
  • Comments
  • Files (Attachments)
  • Show on card (Cover images)
  • Checklists
  • Labels
  • Description

This tool is a chrome extension, please install it using the below link

For Trello Migration to Microsoft Planner step by step please follow the below YouTube video.



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