In a dynamic tech landscape, Microsoft continues to pioneer innovative ways to empower individuals with hands-on, real-world skills. The latest addition to their arsenal is Microsoft Applied Skills, a revolutionary program offering a fast track to verifying technical proficiency. Let’s delve into the details of this game-changing initiative.

The Shift from Certifications to Applied Skills:

Traditionally, certifications have been the go-to for showcasing broad knowledge in Microsoft technologies. However, Microsoft has now introduced Applied Skills, a set of free, focused, and real-world scenarios that allow individuals to demonstrate specific skills in a more interactive and creative manner.

Get inspired with this Microsoft Applied Skills video.

Key Differentiators of Applied Skills:

  1. Free Accessibility: Unlike certifications that often come with a price tag, Applied Skills are entirely free, making them accessible to a broader audience.
  2. Specific Skill Focus: Each Applied Skill is designed to target a very specific skill, providing a laser-focused approach to showcasing expertise.
  3. Real Azure Experience: Gone are the days of simulated environments. Applied Skills provides a genuine Azure experience, allowing users to perform tasks using real resources.
  4. Web-Based and Non-Intrusive: Unlike certifications with a curated and locked-down environment, Applied Skills are web-based, allowing users the flexibility to multitask while completing the assessments.
  5. Verified Microsoft Credentials: Gain recognition with verifiable credentials from Microsoft, a symbol of trust and proficiency.

Covered Credentials:

Browse Credentials Learn new skills to boost your productivity and enable your organization to accomplish more with Microsoft Credentials.

Discover and prove your proficiency in a range of critical technical skills:

  • Secure Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage
  • Configure secure access using Azure networking
  • Deploy and configure Azure Monitor
  • Deploy containers with Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Implement security through a pipeline using Azure DevOps
  • Develop an ASP.NET Core web app consuming an API
  • Secure Azure services with Microsoft Defender for Cloud regulatory compliance controls
  • Configure SIEM security operations using Microsoft Sentinel
  • Create and manage automated processes with Power Automate

Certifications vs. Applied Skills:

Navigate your career path with confidence. Complement industry-recognized certifications with Applied Skills for a holistic approach to showcasing your expertise. Our infographic can guide you in making the right choices.

 Microsoft Credentials feature comparison Certifications vs. Applied Skills

Next Steps:

  1. Prepare: Explore free self-paced learning paths on Microsoft Learn.
  2. Earn Your Credential: Pass an online, interactive, lab-based assessment showcasing your skills in Microsoft Azure or Power Platform.
  3. Celebrate and Share: Once you’ve succeeded, proudly display your verified credentials on LinkedIn, giving your professional network a front-row seat to your capabilities.

Learn More:

For in-depth details, explore Microsoft Applied Skills (Microsoft Credentials)

Stay Informed:

Exciting updates await at Microsoft Ignite (Nov 15-16, 2023).



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