As the year 2023 draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the incredible journey and achievements that have marked both my personal and professional growth. This year has been a whirlwind of opportunities, learning experiences, and exciting ventures that have shaped my expertise and broadened my horizons. Let’s take a walk through the key highlights and accomplishments that have defined my 2023.

1. Personal Achievements

1.1 Speaker at Tech Connect Live Event, Dublin, Ireland:

Speaker at Tech Connect Live Event in Ireland

Taking part in a panel discussion at Tech Connect Live in Ireland alongside Microsoft MVPs and cloud experts was a global exposure opportunity. The discussion, moderated by David Waldron, Managing Director at Tier3Tech Support, focused on maximizing work productivity and security with Azure Virtual Desktop & Microsoft 365. Learn More

1.2 Mentoring at Arab Youth Anti-Corruption Hackathon 2023, Doha, Qatar:

Mentoring at Arab Youth Anti-Corruption Hackathon 2023

Teaming up with industry leaders, I mentored at the Arab Youth Anti-Corruption Hackathon in collaboration with organizations like the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority of the State of Qatar, IEEE TEMS, and Microsoft. Together, we used Microsoft Azure technology to combat corruption and drive positive change. Learn More

1.3 Microsoft AI Event with CEO Satya Nadella

1.4 Microsoft AI Event with CEO Satya Nadella

Being part of an exclusive event hosted by Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella, on the future of AI and innovation was a true highlight. The event, themed “AI | A New Era,” promised to be the UAE’s most significant AI gathering of the year. The anticipation and eagerness to contribute to this momentous occasion were palpable. Learn More

1.4 Mentoring at Global DevSlam Hack on The Future of Regenerative Cities, at GITEX, Dubai, UAE:

Mentoring at Global DevSlam Hack on The Future of Regenerative Cities

As one of the MASTERS mentoring at the Ministry of AI and Hackmasters Global DevSlam Hack, it was an exhilarating experience exploring the future of regenerative cities at GITEX, the world’s largest tech and startup show. Thrilled to contribute to shaping the tech landscape! Learn More

1.5 Speaker at UAE AI Camp 2023, Dubai, UAE:

National Program for Artificial Intelligence launches fifth UAE AI Camp

Speaking at the UAE AI Camp 2023, part of the National Programme for AI’s 5th edition, provided a platform to explore AI and digital technologies shaping the future. The session delved into building a successful SaaS product with the power of ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI. Learn More

1.6 Renewal as a Microsoft MVP

Renewal as a Microsoft MVP

Being renewed as a Microsoft MVP for the second time in the Azure and Enterprise Mobility categories was a testament to the commitment to learning, sharing, and community building. The MVP journey has been impactful, and the motto of “Learn, Do, Share” continues to guide the way. Learn More

1.7 Presenter at Teams App Camp Global Summit, Dubai, UAE:

TeamsAppCamp GlobalSummit

Presenting an interesting topic on building an enterprise conversational chatbot using Azure Bot Services at the Teams App Camp Global Summit in Dubai was an enriching experience. It highlighted the power of Microsoft Teams and Azure AD in seamlessly integrating applications within an enterprise.

1.8 Achieving PMP Certification

Achieving PMP Certification

Achieving the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification marked a significant step in professional development. The knowledge gained is poised to contribute to future projects at Bespin Global.

1.9 Blogs on AI, Cybersecurity, and Azure

Investigate and Respond to Incidents with Microsoft Security Copilot

Throughout the year, I contributed insightful blogs covering a range of topics, from leveraging enterprise data to create a tailored ChatGPT model to implementing Zero Trust Security for Azure Virtual Desktop. These blogs aim to share knowledge and best practices with the tech community.


2. Business Achievements: (Bespin Global)

2.1 Speaker at GITEX representing Bespin Global, Dubai, UAE:

Speaker at GITEX representing Bespin Global MEA

Representing Bespin Global MEA, I had the honor of speaking at GITEX, sharing insights on how businesses can harness the power of Azure AI services and the latest Microsoft technologies. GITEX, being the largest tech and startup show globally, provided a platform to connect with industry professionals and decision-makers. Learn More

2.2 Exclusive Workshop at BESPIN HQ in Abu Dhabi, UAE

My 2023 Highlights: A Year of Growth and Achievements 🌟Exclusive Workshop at BESPIN HQ in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Conducting an exclusive one-day workshop at BESPIN HQ in Abu Dhabi was an enriching experience. Tailored for IT pros, data engineers, and business leaders, the workshop delved into Copilot technology, Azure AI services, DevOps principles, and building intelligent apps with Azure OpenAI and AKS. The event featured distinguished speakers from various industries and provided a platform for networking with industry leaders. Learn More

2.3 Bespin Cloud & AI Internship Program, Abu Dhabi, UAE:

Bespin Cloud & AI Internship Program

Being part of the Bespin Cloud & AI Internship Program was an honor. Nurturing emerging cloud engineers through immersive learning sessions, hands-on projects, and mentorship showcased the commitment to fostering the next generation of cloud experts. Excited about the potential these individuals bring to the cloud! Learn More

2.4 Imagination to Reality: Microsoft AI Event, Dubai, UAE:

Imagination to Reality Leveraging Generative AI for Business Innovation event

Attending the Microsoft AI event was a unique opportunity to witness how AI is reshaping our world. Connecting with innovative minds, including notable individuals like Hatim Nagarwala, highlighted the role of AI in reinventing industries. Learn More

2.5 Microsoft Marketplace Offerings

BESPIn azure marketplace

One of the significant milestones in 2023 for BESPIN was the successful publication of several Microsoft Marketplace Offerings. These offerings showcased the company’s commitment to delivering value-added solutions to clients. The diverse range of offerings, including

  • Windows 365 Cloud PC deployment
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment
  • Azure Resiliency Assessment
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept
  • Data Center Migration Implementation
  • 24×7 Azure Managed Service Provider (MSP) services

Reinforced BESPIN’s position as a leading player in the tech industry. Learn More

2.6 Code Optimization for Faster Azure Solutions Implementation

Azure Terragrunt

Contributing to the optimization of BESPIN’s in-house code base was a proud moment. The initiative aimed at implementing Azure solutions faster, automating processes, and ensuring streamlined cross-team projects. This accomplishment not only improved efficiency but also showcased the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

2.7 Advanced Specialization and Partner of Choice

My 2023 Highlights: A Year of Growth and Achievements 🌟

BESPIN’s journey towards becoming a Partner of Choice and achieving Advanced Specialization was propelled by collaborative efforts. Active participation in achieving Infra and Database Migration specialization, along with efforts towards AVD Azure specialization, highlighted the dedication to excellence. The collaboration with the vendor alliance team played a crucial role in attaining these advanced specializations, reinforcing BESPIN’s status as a trusted partner in the tech ecosystem.

2.8 Integration of DevOps and Infrastructure Consulting

Integration of DevOps and Infrastructure Consulting

As a team leader, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment were paramount. The integration of DevOps and Infrastructure Consulting underlined a commitment to providing clients with a comprehensive and cohesive journey. This approach not only enhanced efficiency but also contributed to valuable learning experiences for the team, positioning BESPIN as a forward-thinking and adaptable technology partner.

2.9 Delivery of Microsoft Case Studies

My 2023 Highlights: A Year of Growth and Achievements 🌟

In 2023, BESPIN achieved notable success by delivering a substantial number of Microsoft Case Studies. These case studies showcased the company’s expertise in diverse areas, including Azure Landing Zones solutions, Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) solutions, DevOps and DevSecOps Assessment and Practices, Datacenter Assessment and Migration, BCDR and DR solutions, Azure Arc and Multi-Cloud Management solutions and Application Assessment and Modernization projects. The team’s proficiency in delivering high-quality solutions across a spectrum of client needs contributed to the recognition and demand for BESPIN’s services.

2.10 AI Certifications and Development

My 2023 Highlights: A Year of Growth and Achievements 🌟

In addition to Microsoft certifications, our team achieved a significant milestone by obtaining an AI certificate. This accomplishment further solidifies our proficiency in artificial intelligence technologies, showcasing our commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.


Reflecting on multiple achievements in 2023, including speaking at events, attending workshops, achieving a PMP certificate, and renewing the Microsoft MVP for the second time, has been a testament to continuous growth and dedication. These milestones not only highlight individual accomplishments but also underscore the collective success of BESPIN as a dynamic and innovative technology company. The commitment to excellence, collaboration, and staying ahead of industry trends positions BESPIN as a reliable partner for organizations navigating the complexities of digital transformation. Looking forward to more collaborations, innovations, and shared successes in 2024!



Microsoft MVP & MCT | Azure Service Delivery Lead with over 12 years of experience in Microsoft solutions and Professional services, Leading the Azure team to help our customers to build successful Azure practices, Blogger, Speaker, and Community leader. Focus on Azure, Cloud Security, Modern Workspace, AVD, Infrastructure as Code, Endpoint Management, Office 365, EMS.